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Singing is my Specialty and Joy

I also offer my singing voice for jingles, back-up vocals or demos

Here's a singing sampler of a bunch of different songs that's about a minute and a half (so as not to take up too much of your time) though you're welcome to listen to the full songs included here too. And there's a jingle demo specifically for radio commercials.  I also have a jazz/blues album out, in case you're interested.  More information about Time Will Tell can be found here.

If you have a project that needs that little something extra, I'm happy to provide it. No need to go to two different places for the same commercial! Or, if you happen to have another project involving a demo of some kind where you need a lead vocal or a back-up vocal (maybe a song within a video game?), I can help you there too.

Harmonies are a specialty and I come up with them quickly and easily. In fact, I've been known to add two or three of them to a recording I'm singing lead on (though of course, I'll create what you need to your specifications).

I also do jazz standards very well (a popular style for some commercials). My voice has been described as a more contemporary cross between Karen Carpenter and Sarah Vaughan. You'll probably be able to tell that from these examples (as well as from the featured samplers).

Once again, if you'd like to contact me about singing on your project, you're welcome to email me or give me a phone call at 905-836-5444. I look forward to speaking with you!